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      About us-Shanghai Huaxi Membrane Structure Engineering Co., Ltd.
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      management idea

      The development of enterprises is the process of turning their dreams into reality. What we do is to learn from the failure of our peers and the success of rational development companies to challenge the summit of their dreams and build a better future as the most influential membrane construction enterprises in China. Your efforts will be seen in our eyes, remembered in our hearts and put into action. Sincerely treat every customer, we firmly believe that the broader the mind, the wider the road.

      Benefit from the market Word of mouth for quality Require technology from R&D To be honest for a long time Seeking Opportunities from Preparedness Ask for scale from management

      The development of enterprises needs friends, and the great development of enterprises needs strong opponents even more!
      The company will seize the historic development opportunities faced by China's membrane structure industry, take market as the foundation, capital as the support, technology as the guide, management as the core, increase the development of domestic and foreign membrane structure market, and strive to become the first-class membrane structure construction enterprise in China.

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